800VA Solar Inverter




AV Series Inverters are electronic generators based on Microcontroller PWM-MOSFET technology which has a high efficiency inverter and a heavy duty integrated battery charger. The unit will automatically switch over to an external battery source when incoming AC line power fails or is too high/low,beyond acceptable limits.In this condition it will continue to supply stable power. With this inverter, you will never be left without power when you need it!

Products features:

1.Ultra wide input voltage range 
2.Two stage battery charge
3.Generator compatible
4.Multifunction LED indications& Buzzer alarms
5.Battery deep discharge protection
6.Overload/Short circuit/Auto restart feature
7.Noiseless and pollution-free
8.Reliable & Trusted



1.Electronic Equipment such as computers

2.Electrical devices including inductive loads such as fluorescent lamps,ceiling & table fans; resistive loads(incandescent lamps); SMPS loads(television).


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