ES-SU500W Solar Power System


This product is a portable solar generate system which integrated of charge/discharge control and energy storage,converts solar energy into electricity energy.With the characteristics of fashion design,portability and practicability.Put solar panel under sunshine that will charge inner battery,which realized zero carbon and environmental protection.It can be widely used in disaster relief,hunting and so on.

Product features:

1.Superior AC loading capacity
2.Strong structure,portable and practical
3.Integrated charge & discharge control
4.Built-in maintenance-free battery,safe and reliable
5.Dual charging mode,solar panel and AC adapter




It is suitable for home use,such as 12V LED lamp,TV,computer,electric cooker,microwave oven, fan and other 12V small household appliances,and also for digital products like mobile phone,power bank,MP3 ect.And it is the first choice of backup power for you home,picnic,camp and adventure.





Solar Energy SU Series Technical Parameter 
  ES-SU300W ES-SU500W ES-SU1000W
Solar panels Optional
Inverter output AC220V,300W AC220V,500W AC220V,1000W
Output voltage 6 DC12V output,60W
2 USB5V/1A;1 DC12V/5A
 Battery 12V24AH 12V38AH 12V65AH 12V38AH 12V65AH 12V100AH
 Battery(Optional) According to local illumination time
Discharge According to output power
Rated charge current <3A <4A <5A <4A <5A <10A
Rated DC discharge current 5A
System voltage 12V 12/24V
Overvoltage protection 14.4V 14.4/28.8V
Charge voltage 15V 15/30V
Over discharge voltage 10.5V 10.5/21V
Control mode Charge;Pulse width modulation
Operating temperature -10℃~55℃
Overload short circuit protection Output cut off after 10ms
Protection circuit Overload;short-circuit, burn out the fuse;
Size: L:W:H 450*245*390mm 500*245*390mm

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