Off-Grid 5KW Solar Power System ES-J5000

Off Grid Solar System,Off Grid Solar Power System,5kw Solar System

1. inverter built-in mppt controller(pure sine wave):high efficiencyandlow damage.our damage is 0.3A*24V=7.2W,

however the damage in the market is 33.6w. 
2.Controller protection :overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, short-circuit, reversed

3.We have 15 years experiences in the solar field,we are professional!
4.We own 3 factories which product solar panel,led,solar power system,cost effective!
5.We can produce customized Solar system according to different customer’s requirement, Our Company Annual 

Capacity is more than 100000 sets.

Welcome to visit our company! We will show you our ability.

Off-Grid solar power system

An off-grid solar system (off-the-grid, standalone) is the obvious alternative to one that is grid-tied. For homeowners that have access to the grid,

off-grid solar systems are usually out of question. Here`s why:
To ensure access to electricity at all times, off-grid solar systems require battery storage and a backup generator (if you live off-the-grid). On top of this,

a battery bank typically needs to be replaced after 15 years. Batteries are complicated, expensive and decrease overall system efficiency.

Advantages of solar power system

1. You become completely independent from external energy supplies

2. You can combine different energy sources such as PV, wind energy and hydropower

3.You can expand or change your system on a modular basis at any time

4.You can rely on our support, from planning to commissioning the system

Description Item Model No. Specification  Size(mm) Qty’s(Pcs) Pcs/Ctn Packing size(mm) Total G.W(KGS)
Solar panel ES-P300-36


(Voc) : 45.49v                    

(Isc) :  9.01A                  

(Vmp) :36V                      


1935*986*45 10 1 1950*1000*60 240
Inverter     ES-50248-50

Rated capacity:5000w 

Input voltage:DC 48v                

Output voltage:AC 220v
Pure sine wave

490*300*660 1 1 560*300*510 58

Rated current:50A            

Rated voltage:48V
Charge mode:PWM

Battery ES-12V200AH

Nominal capacity:200ah  

Nominal voltage:12V                  

Sealed type:Sealed -Lead acid

12 1 531*248*265 648
Cable 4sqmm 80m         4


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