#PS10W2 Portable Solar Lighting System

Name: Portable Solar Lighting System

Model: #PS10W2

1) Color: Orange / Gray (send random)

2) Solar panels: 17.5V/10W Size: 232 x 342 x 8mm

3) Battery: Lead Acid Battery 2 × 6V 4.5Ah

4) System output :3-12V / 10W (max) & USB 5V/500 mA (max)

5) Lighting: 2 × LED 12V 3W / E27  screw; cable length with switch 5 meters

6) Weight: about 3.5KG (about 4 kg with packaging)

7) Package Size: 38.5*26*8cm


Package includes:

1 x 10w solar panel

1 x Portable System Host

2 x 3w E27 LED bulbs

2 x  cable length with switch 5 meters



1) families in remote areas without electricity and indoor and outdoor lighting choice;

2) Automatic protection controller, safe and reliable to prevent overcharging; overload and short circuit protection;

3) Solar panels charge time: about 8 hours fully charged (light);

4) When using the system, if only on a light, sustainable lighting 20 hours, if the same two lights turned on, then the lighting time reduced to 10 hours;

5) Use fans alone sustainable 20 hours (2.5W 4 inch USB Fan)

6) USB Interface 5V output charging cell phone / camera

7) easy to move and carry



cell phone charger, site lighting; night market lighting; mountains lighting; marine lighting; power outage at home; sea fishing; garden lighting; corridor lighting; equipment charge back-up power; outdoor camping use


How to use:

• When charging solar panels in a sunny place when inserted in the solar solar panels line interface, indicator lights, means being charged;

• Lighting equipment please take the power cord plugged into the OUT 12V interface;

• Open System three working lights indicate battery capacity 100%;

                 Two working lights indicate battery capacity 70%;

                 A working light indicates battery capacity 30%;

If the three light does not work; indicates battery power is depleted; please turn off the system timely charge;

• OUT5V Interface: Tablet PC to the mobile phone camera MP3 GPS and other electronic equipment charge;


Note: the battery runs out of power all the case with 10W solar panel charging needs eight hours or so

If the battery power, then there is also the charging time will be relatively short.

* Finished using the system, turn off the power; aim to reduce battery consumption;

* The system only supports solar charging, you can not connect to other power supply;

* System prohibition into the water! Solar panels are waterproof;









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    #PS10W2 Portable Solar Lighting System = 100 PCS

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    I want Quotation PS10W2 Portable Solar Lighting System = 100 PCS

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    Where can I buy one in HK? How much are they per unit?

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