Solar Light Portable Sloar LED power-saving lamp


LED lantern ,Flashlight and SOS signal light

l         Portable and useful for your easy travelling

l         Rubber and ABS case

l         Unique design and mold in the market

Power Source: Monocrystalline silicon solar panel

Brand Name:Eastwind or OEM
 Body Material:ABS
 Features:Lighting in the night
 Light Source:LED Bulbs
 Is Dimmable:Yes

Function  Description  
1  Everlight 0.5W LED  Everlight 0.5W LED,Illumination area reaches 5 m2, lights, life can be up to more than 10 years  
2  An electronic rotary switch  High performance rotary switch, through 50000 times life test, the product brightness can reach 42-56 lux  
3  0.3W solar charging panel  0.3W Monocrystalline silicon solar panels,1000W/m2 Light under the condition of charging current can reach more than 60 mAh  
4  Fluorescent button  Plastic buttons inside to add fluorescent powder, night can easily help you find the solar lamp  
5  waterproof IP41  Product structure design by CTI professional testing agencies, through the IP41 waterproof test  
6  300H High and low temperature impact test  Products through the high and low temperature impact test 300 h 0-60  °C, the function is normal  
7  14500 450mAh The large capacity lithium battery  Large capacity of 450 mAh lithium-ion batteries, sustainable discharge more than 8 h  
8  Curved shape bracket  Curvilinear triangular stand convenient hanging placed, through professional nickel plating processing can not rust dongguan salt spray for 24 h  
9  Beryllium copper DC charging seat  Beryllium copper heat treatment DC charging dock, can withstand 5000 plug test  
10  Resistance to ultraviolet radiation  UV531 shell are adding anti-uv material, the CTI test 100 h has no obvious change color.

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