#SPS50 50W Solar Power System

Model #SPS10 #SPS20 #SPS50 #SPS100
Solar Panel    Type Polycrystalline silicon
Power 10W 20W 50W 50W*2
Dimension(mm) 320*350*25 520*350*25 645*540*35 645*540*35*2pc
Controller  Control way high efficient PWM Controller
Power 12V/5A 12V/10A
Max Solar Panel 18V60W 18V120W
Protect functions Over-charge / Change-back / over discharge
stop charging 14.5V
recovering charge 13.8V
Over discharge protection 10.5V
indicator light LED display indicate current voltage
LED indicator charger / load / battery
Battery    type Deep cycle Maintenance-free lead-acid batteries                      
capacity 12V/7AH 12V/12AH 12V/24AH 12V/50AH
DC output          maximum power 60W(12V5A)
DC12V 2 Output Port 4 Output Port 5 Output Port
maximum output 5A  
DC5VUSB 1 USB port 2 USB port
maximum 50W maximum 100W
Random Parts    LED Light DC12V 3W 1pc/5W 1pc(include holder/wire) 3W 2pc/5W 2pc(include holder/wire)
USB charger wire Universal charging wire
Solar Panel Holder 2pc holder 4pc holder
Solar panel wire 5M 5M
AC Charger 18-1A charger



Controller size(mm) 187*106*121 187*126*126 215*158*208 280*170*244
Package(mm) 235*155*170 235*160*190 290*230*290 355*245*335
Controller Weight(KG) 1.1 1.3 2.8 3.7
all the weight(KG) 5.2 9.5 18 32
20 feet container 450pc 400pc 250pc 180pc
Electricity parameter generating capacity 4.5WH 90WH 225WH 450WH
Battery total capacity 84WH 144WH 288WH 600WH
Lighting time 8h 12.5h 15h 30h

Electricity and lighting time affected by sunlight every day, the data calculated according to 4.5 hours of effective sunshine time, is not absolute lights on time according to the configuration of the LED lamp power calculation


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