#SPS5000L Solar Power System

Model #SPS1000L #SPS2000L #SPS3000L #SPS4000L #SPS5000L #SPS6000L
Solar Panel Solar Power 800W 1600W 2400W 3200W 4000W 4800W
Daily Generation 4KW 8KW 12KW 16KW 20KW 24KW

Generating capacity affected by sunshine time every day,

it calculated by the effective sunshine time 5 hours

Controller Control mode PWM
Max. Power 48V50A 96V/60A 96V/60A
3200W 4000W 8000W
Protected Mode Over-Charge /anti-charge /
DC Voltage 48V 96V
Stop Charge 54.8V 115V
Recover Charge 52.6V 110V
Inverter Max.Power 1000W 2000W 3000W 4000W 5000W 6000W
Inverter Type Frequency Inverter
AC Input 110/127/220±10% 50/60HZ±3%
Output Voltage 110/127/220±5%
Output Frequency 50/60HZ±1%
Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave THD﹤2%
Phases Single Phases
Work Efficient ﹥85%
Work Mode

Priority solar power, solar power electricity

supply undervoltage turn (or vice versa)

Switching Time 6-8ms
Protected Mode

Undervoltage protection, overload protection, surge protection,

short circuit protection

Inverter With automatic mains switch, R232 interface, using efficient transformers
Battery Battery Type Deep cycle maintenance-free lead-acid batteries (gel batteries can be made)
Battery capacity 12V/100AH*4PCS 12V/100AH*8PCS 12V/100AH*8PCS
4.8KWH 9.6KWH 19.2KWH
Battery Cabinet Standard cabinet 1pc 2pc 4pc



Frequency sine wave solar power system (3KW package )
( Professional factory , excellent quality )
System configuration includes a solar panel , battery, controller inverter machine, battery boxes ; solar panels and batteries if you do not need customers, the host can be purchased separately
Quick Shopping guide :
1, this series is Ruyi solar power systems for high-end customer base and the development of solar power systems luxury , power from 1KW-6KW, can basically meet the general villas, small office electricity.
2, the system consists of three parts : The first part is the top of the power generation mainframe , integrated controller, inverter and all input and output ports ; second part is the battery boxes, each battery box built 12V100AH battery 4 , the battery box with a host of special offers with Ruyi cable connections, battery box number can follow your electricity needs increase or decrease ; third part is solar panels, solar panel wiring diagram provided in accordance with Ruyi connected photovoltaic cable to system of the host, a complete solar power system is complete , the installation is very simple .
3 , the system controller in accordance with the principles of design can be expanded to meet the needs of the late increase in solar panels . 1-2KW configure a conventional battery box , with a total storage capacity of 4800WH (4.8 kWh ) ,3-4KW General Configuration two battery boxes , with a total storage capacity of 49600WH (9.6 kWh ) ,5-6KW General Configuration four battery box with a total storage capacity of 19200WH (19.2 kWh ) , the user can increase or decrease according to their own needs battery box number .
4 , if only to drive home the ordinary electrical equipment , such as computers, televisions, refrigerators , lighting , washing machines , fans, suggested the use of 1-2KW power generation system can be, or the selection of the company’s high-frequency series machines , if you want to drive air conditioning, suggested the use of 3KW above models .
5, this series of solar power generation system with dual LCD system status , the body uses the international standard computer white , the whole design luxurious and elegant, suitable for office , home villas , commercial, border posts, where lack of electricity less electricity use .
6, the system controller using PWM control mode, frequency inverter with mosfet structure , high-efficiency transformers transformer , stable performance, since the loss is small, the overall efficiency.
7 , the system uses solar power supply priority , not consecutive rainy days of solar charging, the battery voltage, the system automatically switches to mains ( conventional electricity ) supply, when the normal solar charging , the battery is full, automatically switch to solar power and start the City electric charge , the switching time of less than 8 ms , does not affect the normal use of electricity .
8, the system is provided with a R232 communication interface , you can monitor the computer users need to provide remote monitoring of the condition .
9, the system host normal 2-year warranty , battery warranty for one year , man-made damage or damage caused by natural disasters cost price maintenance.

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