(TR1702) Outdoor 42 LEDs Solar Power Light Waterproof PIR Motion Sensor with 3 Mode for Garden Security / Pathway / Balcony / Yard

Product Name : 42LED Ultra-thin Solar lamp MJ-1702

Specification of Solar Panel : 5.5V 2.3W of polysilicone laminate

Battery :Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 3.7V 2200mAh

LED Specification :  2835 0.2w 29-30lm

LED Color temperature : 6000K white light

Luminaire Luminous Flux : 500 lm (4.0v)

Lighting Mode : 3 modes adjustable

1.  Body sensor + micro-mode: when someone comes, the light will be strong, when no one comes, the light will be bright slightly.

                         2. Human body induction mode: when someone comes, the light will strong, when one comes, the light will turn off.
                        3. Always light mode: it will always light at night, no induction function.

Shell Material : Alloy ABS+PC+UV black/white optional , can guarantee non-fading at least 8 years.

Lamp boade material : glass fiber board

Full Electric lighting time : Induction Mode will be more than 500 times, according to the time of 10 seconds, the regular time of 5 hours

Product size : 171*105*30mm

Product certification : CE  RoHS FCC

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