(TR1710) 48Leds Solar Lamp Wall Lamp Outdoor Landscape Garden Lamp the Role of the Human Body Induction Led Outdoor Road Lighting

Battery:  3.2v,3000mah
Solar Panel Power:  5v, 2.2W
LED Chip : 48pcs 2835SMD
Color Temperature:  6000-6500k
Color of Device:  White
Lumens:   760 LM   
Housing Material:  Aluminum
Laminated panels lifetime: >5 years
Waterproof Capacity:  IP65
Production Size:   180*90*43mm
lighting standard: Motion Sensor Mode >500times  10″ /time  
                             Constant Lighting mode >12hrs ,Emergency Lighting 30mins /time
a.Solar panel specifications: 6v /3w.17% conversaion of energy efficiency,Laminated panels 15 years lifetime.
b.Lithium battery 3.7V 4000mah;
c.LED: 4w 2835 super bright LED×48pcs,single LED luminous flux:24 lumens,lamp luminous flux approx 600 lumens.
d. Function switch
-1. Press 3 secs off or open,
-2.The solar light will turn on automatically at night.The light brightness will just be half as induction function;
-3.Human body induction + power saving mode (dim light) function, when people go through the light sensing area,the light will
be stronger, and the light will turn to dim after people walk out from the induction area.
-4.Human body induction function.when people go through the sensing area, the light will be strong, and the light will turn off
after people leave the induction area. The light can be extended for 5 seconds after inducted. Apply with repeated trigger
induction function,start timing with the last induction.
e.Using charge and discharge protection circuit, optical circuit.
f. waterproof level : IP65
g.Charging time: >8 hrs
How it works ?
-1.Charge the solar panel by placing it under direct sunlight at daytime. The electrical energy is stored in the internal battery.More sunlight,charge more power.
-2. It will startup the circuit work at night automatically.
-3.Human body induction function, when people walk through the sensoring area, the light will be much stronger.
-4.With the standby mode when people leave the sensoring area for about 5 secs.With the mode that it will turn off the lights automatically when daytime.

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